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Welcome Selenium IDE 1.0.11 (with Firefox 4 support)

Happy times are here again. I just released Selenium IDE v1.0.11 and you can grab a copy right now from http://seleniumhq.org/download/. I am happy to say that I have contributed 73% of the changes in this release. I would also … Continue reading

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Using the Findbar in Your Firefox Add-ons – Part 1/3

This is the first post of a three part series that details my experiences with the findbar widget which is available in Firefox and also provides a bit of information on XBL and anonymous ids. Firefox is my primary browser. … Continue reading

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A Quick Introduction to CSS Locators in Selenium

While writing my recent posts on alternate locators, locator builders and Seleninum plugin API, I skipped over a truely basic question. What is a CSS locator in Selenium? It seems that some people are still looking for the answer(tm)! As you already … Continue reading

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Almost Magical Facelift of Selenium IDE Panes

Styles are awesome! What started as an exploration to add some style for a menu for one of my Selenium IDE Plugins turned into a small redesign of the panes header of Selenium IDE. What I refer to as panes is … Continue reading

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