The Stored Variables Viewer plugin for Selenium IDE

Today I managed to release the Stored Variables Viewer plugin for Selenium IDE on firefox addons site. The process was really smooth. I was relieved that I did not face any problems that I had on uploading my first plugin.

Once you install this plugin, a Stored-Vars button will be available in Selenium IDE near the Log pane. Clicking on this button will show the available stored variables and their values. Available only in English for now, more languages will be added on requests.

Get it from the addons website. Let me know if you face any problems.

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5 Responses to The Stored Variables Viewer plugin for Selenium IDE

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  2. cleiton moura says:

    I wonder how to make a plugin Selenia Ide please send some tutorial.
    I need to make a plugin that adds time to every command!
    thanks for listening.

  3. It is really a good plug-in. I’m using it with smile.

  4. Jayadev BS says:

    Its a simple plugin helping me for debugging.
    Thanks Samit.


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