Spent Sunday Getting High

Not the usual Amsterdam way. :-) Literally! About 9000 meters. Found some time to change the header of this blog from one of my photos.

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  1. Bob Zakes says:

    Hi Samit

    Love the Header and your Plugins. I spent much of my life using echo and alert to look at my variables. Love the plug in.

    I’ve complained that one of the key limitations of SIDE is there is no way to capture the log. Thanks again!!!!

    I added the Find plugin and it installed. I see the find box but the buttons are greyed out and not active. Is there a problem having the find and logging plug ins both installed? I’m using FF 3.5.11 and SIDE 1.07. Thanks.

    Bob Zakes
    Testing Manager, Office of the Oregon Secretary of State.

    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Bob,

      Thank you. I am glad to hear that you like my plugins!

      All my plugins work well together, in fact I have them all installed on my pc as well. The buttons on the find toolbar will be enabled as soon as you start typing in the textbox. They are greyed out to indicate that there is nothing to search for. I hope that answers your question.


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