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The Stored Variables Viewer Plugin for Selenium IDE v1.3 Released

The new version of my Stored Variables Viewer plugin for Selenium IDE has been uploaded to the Firefox addons site. This version bring user experience improvements, added functionality and internal improvements. Thanks to Paul Grandjean for helpful comments on the first version. Once … Continue reading

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Log Search Bar Plugin for Selenium IDE v1.1 Released

The Log Search Bar plugin for Selenium IDE has been updated to v1.1. This version works around a bug in Firefox to support older 3.x versions of Firefox and adds some internal improvements. Thanks to Bob Zakes for providing helpful comments about circumstances … Continue reading

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Almost Magical Facelift of Selenium IDE Panes

Styles are awesome! What started as an exploration to add some style for a menu for one of my Selenium IDE Plugins turned into a small redesign of the panes header of Selenium IDE. What I refer to as panes is … Continue reading

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Running Selenium RC With Firefox 4 Beta 6

Yeah!!! Managed to get a small test working on Firefox 4 beta 6 using Selenium RC v1.0.1 Here are the steps that I followed. Rename the selenium-server.jar to (as it is actually a zip file). Unpack the selenium-server.xip into … Continue reading

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Exploratory Maintenance and Debugging Selenium Tests

What would you do if you ever have to maintain or debug tests that are unknown to you or you have forgotten? Sounds familiar? One obvious approach is to study the test scripts. But if pouring over pages and pages … Continue reading

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Highlight Elements Plugin for Selenium IDE ver 1.0 Released

The Highlight Elements plugin for Selenium IDE is now available on the Firefox addons site. This plugin for Selenium-IDE highlights elements specified in the Selenese commands on the web page as the test case is executed. Once this plugin is installed, a highlight … Continue reading

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Back From a Short Holiday

I am back from a short holiday in France. I finally managed to catch a glimpse of Mona Lisa, climb part of the Eiffel Tower, see the Notre Dame painted by Monet, climb on the top of Elephant Cliff, walk on … Continue reading

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The Selenium Files: Missing Log Message in Selenium IDE

Every now and then I noticed that the first log message did not show up in the log pane of the Selenium IDE. Thanks to my File Logging plugin for Selenium IDE, it was never a problem. The File Logging … Continue reading

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