The Stored Variables Viewer Plugin for Selenium IDE v1.3 Released

The new version of my Stored Variables Viewer plugin for Selenium IDE has been uploaded to the Firefox addons site. This version bring user experience improvements, added functionality and internal improvements. Thanks to Paul Grandjean for helpful comments on the first version.

Once you install this plugin, a Stored-Vars button/tab will be available in Selenium IDE near the Log pane. See the screen shot for details. Click on this button to view the available stored variables and their values. Stored variables are usually available while the test is running. There are helpful messages that will tell you what the situation is.

Mini user guide for the plugin

  • Click on the Stored-Vars button/tab to view the stored variables.
  • Click on the Refresh button to refresh the variables shown.
  • Click on the Show default variables to show or hide the default variables provided by Selenium.

Other Thoughts

I usually try to release a new plugin or an update every two weeks, but sometimes I release more often! This release took a lot of time and lots of iterations, sixteen to be exact. Phew! If you have been reading my other post, you already know that I have been improving a lot of code internally, which contributed to most of the iterations. I am quite happy with this release. Some of the interesting things this time include trapping an event in an html page from the addon, making the toolbar button look and behave like a checkbox, making the toolbar button look like a tab which I already blogged about.

Until AMO approves the update, you need to get it manually using the all versions link on the Firefox addons website. As usual feel free to leave comments, improvements, advise, criticism, problems…

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3 Responses to The Stored Variables Viewer Plugin for Selenium IDE v1.3 Released

  1. bharath says:

    Hey!! Thanks a lot man. Really a great add-on for Selenium IDE for dubugging ……

  2. CL says:

    After upgraded to selenium 1.1.10, all the plugin i installed is not workable @@
    Can help on this??

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