The File Logging Plugin for Selenium IDE v1.7 Released

The new menu with integrated status

The version 1.7 of my File Logging plugin for Selenium IDE is now available on the Firefox addons site. This version brings a bunch of user experience improvements and major internal improvements. This version saves the current log level for the log pane as well. You will get the update automatically once it is approved by the Mozilla team. If you cannot wait to get your hands on this release, you can get it now from the versions page.

For more usage details see my blog post for v1.6 release.

Some of the interesting things this time include using the reusable module I had created earlier and major refactoring of the way the plugin works. I prefer to keep file logging at info level and pane logging at warn level. Since Selenium IDE does not save the logging level from the logging pane, every time I opened Selenium IDE I had to set the pane logging level to warn. Finally, I decided to do something about it and added this feature into this release as well. I also integrated the status of the file logging into the menu itself, so it is immediately obvious and you save one click to check the status.

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4 Responses to The File Logging Plugin for Selenium IDE v1.7 Released

  1. Ronny says:


    I am using release 1.7 and it is working fine and it is very useful to me.
    Thank you for making it available.

    If you ever think of improving it there is one thing I would love to have as an additional feature:

    I still have not found a possibility to create an output-file with Selenium IDE. Therefore I use the echo command which outputs data to the log and thanks to you to the log file. But echo output is then mixed with all the other info level logging data which results in cleaning work afterwards.

    Would it be possible to have additional file for writing echo output only?

    Of course the echo output would still have to go to the log file too for debugging.

    Kind regards,

  2. Kumar says:

    Once the logs are saved from S-IDE to a file, does it display the errors in Red mark as seen in the logs of S-IDE

    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Kumar,

      In the current release, the logs are saved in text format. Hence you will not see the colours that you can see in the Selenium IDE log pane. Perhaps, there will an option to save the log file in html format in a future release.


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