The Selenium Expert is Here!

The Selenium Expert

I would like to introduce you to my latest plugin for the Selenium IDE – the Selenium Expert. This plugin is my attempt to bring the wonderful world of inspections, tips, hints, fixes and refactoring to Selenese! The Selenium Expert goes through your Selenium test cases suggesting improvements, giving tips and even lets you apply them with a single click. Recently, Selenium IDE has brought a some improvements that will break some test scripts. The good news is that most of the essential breaking changes introduced in Selenium IDE 1.0.10 have been incorporated into the Selenium Expert. This should make your migration task a few clicks affair.

Once you install the Selenium Expert plugin, an Expert pane will be available in Selenium IDE. Using the Selenium Expert is really simple.

  • The tips from the Expert!

    First click on the Inspect button to let the Selenium Expert check all the test cases in the current test suite.

  • The suggestions from the Expert will be shown in the Expert pane, nicely grouped by the category of the tip. All commands will also be marked with red i icon.
  • You can check all your test cases to see the affected commands. (Individual control and better navigation will be in the next version).
  • All Fixed Now

    Back up every thing first then select the groups you want to fix automatically.

  • Click Fix to let Selenium Expert apply the changes to the suite. The fixes are NOT undo-able hence the need to backup your tests.

Currently the following inspections are bundled with the Selenium Expert:-

  • Detect and fix Boolean attribute usage
  • Detect and fix non-lowercase style attribute usage
  • Detect unsupported css locators

Future plans include:-

  • Navigation through next and previous toolbar buttons.
  • Allow selection of individual inspections to fix. Currently, only the category can be selected.
  • Well tested automatic backup.
  • Click on the inspection to show the affected command.
  • Improved analysis of commands to handle Javascript and stored variables.
  • Management of inspections.
  • More inspections.

Get it now from the Firefox addons site.

I would greatly appreciate all feedback, comments, suggestions as usual.

Enjoy 😉

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9 Responses to The Selenium Expert is Here!

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  2. Yeti says:

    Hi, Samit

    This addon didn’t work with my ff 3, the error message said “lack of other addons”. Then I upgraded my ff 3 to ff4. The addon still doesn’t work.

    Is there any dependency between this addon and others? if yes, what are they?

  3. Srinivas Gopanapalli says:

    Hi Samit,

    I have downloaded the Selenium IDE, but how to install it as it has a .xpi extension.

    I am new to Selenium and would greatly appreciate your help.

    – Srinivas

    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Srinivas,

      The users discussion group would be the right place for these kind of queries. 😉 You can drag and drop the xpi file on Firefox or open it using Firefox to install it.


  4. MAHE says:

    Dear Sir,
    I experience problem with testing the scrolling of intranet pages with selenium. (page format).
    I would like to try selenium expert. Can you confirm that this soft will solve the testing of intranet pages designed with the gwt language ?
    If not, could you possibly suggest some plugin to control the scrolling on the intranet pages (gwt language).
    I thank you very much for your attention.
    Best regards.
    M MAHE.

  5. Olu says:

    This does not work on Firefox 3.6/.60 Selenium IDE 1.2
    Help somebody please!

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