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Selenium IDE on Firefox 4 is Available for Testing! Now!

There have been a lot of questions about the support for Firefox 4 in Selenium IDE. We know that the current Selenium IDE v1.0.10 does not support Firefox 4. It is not a simple matter of bumping the maxversion to … Continue reading

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Favorites for Selenium IDE

We all have our favorites! My new plugin for Selenium IDE allows you to have favorites in Selenium IDE as well. This plugin is really simple, but I find it very useful. It allows you to add test suites to … Continue reading

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Awesome Selenium Conference 2011

Selenium Conference 2011 was awesome. Great people, great presentations and a lot of fun. My slides from the conference for “Efficient Automated Test Creation With Selenium IDE Plugins” are now on slideshare at and the files are at … Continue reading

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