An Update About Selenium IDE for Firefox 4

We know that you all are waiting for an official release of Selenium IDE for Firefox 4 and we are working on it. This post is to give you a brief update on the current state of affairs. I managed to fix a blocking issue 1571 yesterday, which was preventing our automated test suite for Selenium IDE from running. We now also have an automated test suite for Selenium IDE created by the amazing Dave Hunt. Yeah! Once we finish a bit of testing, this new version will available from our CI server and you can download it and give us your feedback.

A note on the CI server availability. I receive many comments about the CI server going down. We know it and something will be done about it. In the meanwhile, we are looking at ways to make the nightly build available to you at other places. I will post an update about it as soon as we have made progress.

Read my previous post about Selenium IDE for Firefox 4 for information on how to give us feedback and how to raise issues. You can also see the current open issues for Selenium IDE.


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