Welcome Selenium IDE 1.0.11 (with Firefox 4 support)

Happy times are here again. I just released Selenium IDE v1.0.11 and you can grab a copy right now from http://seleniumhq.org/download/.

I am happy to say that I have contributed 73% of the changes in this release. I would also like to thank all the 7225 people who tested the nightly version to make sure that we have no major issues.

The biggest change this release brings you is the Firefox 4 support. Simon Stewart did all the hard work in the Selenium Core and I fixed the remaining loose ends on the Selenium IDE side. Did I mention that debugging Javascript on Firefox 4 without debugger support is such a pain? I feel I have time-travelled twenty years back! *Sigh*

The second most useful feature is the CSS locator builder by Santiago Suarez Ordoñez. This now allows Selenium IDE to record element locators using CSS automatically!!! If you have not seen his awesome presentation on CSS locators or read his blog posts on it, you must absolutely read it now.

The third useful feature is that the Camel Case searching in the command text box, which I introduced in Selenium IDE a few months back, has been improved in this release. Thanks to very useful feedback from Dave Hunt. This is going to save you tons of keystrokes, mouse scrolls and clicks. If you liked using the relaxed Camel Case version, you can start your command with an exclamation mark to use it as well.

The util command builder is also another powerful feature available to plugin creators. I demonstrated it during my talk at the Selenium Conference 2011. My slides are available from my earlier blog post here. I am in the middle of a series of posts on command builders, where I will cover this new command builder type soon.

The full release notes are at the usual location.

Now on to working on Selenium IDE 1.0.12. We have some exciting stuff lined up. Stay tuned.

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10 Responses to Welcome Selenium IDE 1.0.11 (with Firefox 4 support)

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  2. Ravi Gill says:

    Nice, this is a long time coming Samit.

    Good job, and well done.

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  4. Jonathan says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! Your efforts are really appreciated. Did I say thank you?

  5. Bobonov says:

    Now another question……. FF5 is now in beta but the final release is planned on 21st of June.
    I tried Selenium IDE 1.0.11 in ff5 beta and off course is not compatible (this is not a complain).
    Is there already a new version on the way?

  6. Michael says:

    Do you know why I don’t see Java in Selenium IDE 1.0.11 from Options -> Format ?

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