Selenium IDE v1.0.12 is now here!

It has been less than a month since our last release and the new version of Selenium IDE,  v1.0.12, is already out. Grab a copy right now from

We have released Selenium IDE v1.0.12 mainly for adding support for Firefox 5. It also contains some minor improvements and fixes.

In my opinion, the biggest improvement in this release is that you can place the Selenium IDE toolbar icon on the Firefox toolbar. One click access to Selenium IDE is now built in.  I had it in my private build for a few years but until the new interface changes in Firefox 4, I never realised what a help great it is. To put the Selenium IDE icon on the Firefox toolbar, right click on the Firefox toolbar and select customise then drag and drop the Selenium IDE icon on to the Firefox toolbar.

The second most useful improvement is that the Find button is now working again on Firefox 4 and 5 for Windows users and hopefully Linux as well. Firefox 4 removed support for the components used by the Find button and we had to find a way around it. The Find button now uses the highlight feature provided by Selenium core which has also been improved.

Santiago Suarez Ordoñez updated his amazing CSS guessing when recording element locators to be more standards friendly.

In Selenium IDE v1.0.11, the format changing was marked experimental and disabled to prevent new Selenium IDE users from losing their changes. While this could be enabled from the Options dialog, it still left a warning message that quickly became annoying. In this release, this warning can be shut from the options dialog as well. It is good to hear the Selenium IDE community is still very much alive and also uses the advanced features like format changing. :-)

Firefox 4 changed the way we could access the installed plugins to show the plugin information in the options dialog. The plugins tab in the options dialog was not able to show expected information. This has been fixed now.

The release notes are now automatically shown when you start Selenium IDE for the first time after you upgrade. You can also read the release notes at the usual location.

Now on to the next version of Selenium IDE. Stay tuned.

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6 Responses to Selenium IDE v1.0.12 is now here!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Thanks yet again. Top stuff!

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  4. Dave says:

    We have encountered problems with assertAlert etc. In earlier version, these were not displayed on-screen during playback but they are now and the scripts are failing.

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