File Logging Plugin v2.2 for Selenium IDE Released

The latest version of my File Logging plugin for Selenium IDE has been released. It is now compatible with Firefox 5 and the Selenium IDE v1.1. The log file can also be configured to log the time stamp of each log message. You can turn this on and off from the File logging pane in the options dialog. It also includes some refactoring to bring improvements from my latest plugins. You will get it automatically when AMO approves it. If you want it right now, you can get it directly from the version page on AMO.

This version lacks support for Unicode characters in the log file. Unicode character support is planned for the next release.

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2 Responses to File Logging Plugin v2.2 for Selenium IDE Released

  1. bfishburne says:

    I love this logging tool, but it would be great if it would silently ignore (or clear the file) when it sees:

    getEval | LOG.clear()

    right now, I get:

    [error] Threw an exception: o.onClear is not a function

    • Samit Badle says:


      If you clicked on the clear button on the IDE, you would also clear the log file! I think this would not be a good idea for most people.

      You might want to consider echo(ing) a delimiter like “—— This Log File Ends Here —-” and using one of the several excellent text processing tools to split / remove the part that is not wanted.


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