My Selenium IDE Plugins Updated for Firefox 11

I have uploaded new versions of all my Selenium IDE plugins on Firefox Addons website. They should now work with Firefox 11 and Selenium IDE v1.7.0. The updates should be sent to you automatically when Mozilla approves them. You can also set them now from the links below:-

Let me know if you notice anything unexpected.

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19 Responses to My Selenium IDE Plugins Updated for Firefox 11

  1. Jon says:

    I really appreciate the work you and others do to support Selenium. It matters a huge amount to me in my job and even if I don’t say thanks for every release I am truly grateful!

  2. Alexander says:

    Can you change format timestamp into “File Logging” output file from 10:11:12 to 10:11:12.1234? It will be very nice to use into stress testing :)

    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Alexander,

      Sure, I can add it as an option in a future version in a couple of weeks. Do keep in mind that these timestamps may not be very precise.


      • Roeland Bestman says:

        Hi Samit,

        We also have the requirement to log milliseconds. Any progress with the formatting in the future release?


  3. DannyB says:


    I’ve used your plugins extensively for Selenium IDE and I’m extremely appreciative of all the effort you’ve put in. I have a question- sorry for submitting it somewhat randomly but I couldn’t find a better spot for it. Unfortunately, I think I know the answer but I thought you might know definitively.

    Here it goes- I’m using Selenium IDE for a somewhat unorthodox purpose in this case. I have some scripts which open a series of excel files (like 40 of them) from a website, which I need to then name and save to disk. However, it seems like a limitation of the IDE is that it can’t interact with the save dialog in Firefox in any way. Do you know if that’s the case? Is there any relatively simple workaround you are aware of? I’d run into this before but it’s the first time it’s a real dealbreaker for me.

    Thanks- and thanks again for the great plugins.


    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Dan,

      This is one of the key limitations of Selenium. The Selenium 2 family brings support for this. I am working on a future release of Selenium IDE that will bring this support to it, but it is going to take a while.

      The easiest way is to use Selenium 2 to run your tests by exporting your tests to a programming language using a WebDriver based exporter and then running your tests. Another way is to use GUI automation tools for your operating system to interact with the file save dialog when it pops up.


      • DannyB says:

        Thanks for the reply Samit. That’s what I figured, but I wanted to be sure. I came up with a workaround for now… If I get adventurous I may try Selenium 2 at some point, but I just love the simplicity of the IDE.

        I’ll definitely keep an eye out for your upcoming plugin releases!


  4. Nadia says:

    Hello, i just was wondering, do your plug-ins work with Selenium IDE 1.0.10 and if yes, what version of FF should i download, because i was searching on Google and couldn’t find the answer. I used to use FF 3.6 and Selenium IDE 1.0.10. But i am trying to find what is one of the latest version of FF are compatible with Selenium IDE 1.0.10.

    Thanks. Looking forward to your answer.

    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Nadia,

      It is always best to use the latest version of Firefox. As of today it is Firefox 13.0.1. I typically release an update as soon a new version of Firefox or Selenium IDE is released. Sometimes there is a slight delay due to my day job and other commitments. If at some point my plugins stop working, feel free to drop me a comment. I believe from Firefox 12, there is an issue with the typekeys commands I am in the process of fixing it. Unless you have any particular reason to use Firefox 3.6, I would suggest to use Firefox 11.


  5. Peter Kehl says:


    I see your File Logging plugin/extension uses PluginFramework object. Is there a chance you (or I) could move PluginFramework out into an XPCOM and an Se IDE extension on its own? This way it could be shared by other plugin developers, rather than copying the code.

    I’ve done a tiny XPCOM for Firefox before, but I’m not aware of all details of PluginFramework, so I may be missing something.s

    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Peter,

      My plan is to open source it so it can be reused by everyone. In the meanwhile feel free to extract it and use it as you wish. It is under Apache 2.0 license.


  6. Sherisa Moore says:

    I have a question – does Selenium IDE supports dialog pop-up windows? I see that RC does…can i integrate the two to get it to do what I need it to do?

    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Sherisa,

      Yes it should support pop-up windows. Take a look at the commands containing a Window in their names, like selectWindow as an example.


  7. Vatsala says:

    Is it possible to load and log to another file when I open a different TestSuite?
    Also, Is your code for the FileLogging plugin Open Source? If the above facility is not there, I would like to contribute back.
    Do Let me know via email.

    Thanks in advance

    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Vatsala,

      Figuring out when the new test suite has been loaded is going to be a bit difficult. A long time back, I had a customized version of Selenium IDE that had this feature, so it is indeed possible. As a plugin, there is no easy to access such information. I am slowly refactoring Selenium IDE to be able to make these kind of features easier. However, time is limited and more pressing features take priority. There are also other projects that are trying to replace Selenium IDE and I do not know how much time I should be investing on this in the future. We shall see how it goes. It is the feedback and thanks from people like you that encourage me to contribute.


  8. yipfan says:


    I am using your Test Result plugin in Selenium IDE. Is that possible to have a summary report for the test result? example total execution time, number test case of failed, number of test case passed, etc.
    basically is somethings like this:


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