WebDriver Playback is coming to Selenium IDE

I am really excited and I could not wait to share this news with you all! Back in November last year, when Dave Hunt and I became the new owners of the Selenium IDE, we got together and created a roadmap for the year ahead. It is available here for you to comment on. One of the key tasks I wanted to accomplish was WebDriver and Selenium Grid support in Selenium IDE. While it takes just two short lines of the Roadmap, the task of doing so was quite daunting and seemed almost impossible, but we were dreaming away… I took up the challenge of getting this WebDriver playback support into Selenium IDE and I have made significant progress.

Today, I am happy to announce that I have managed to get my first command successfully executed via WebDriver using Selenium IDE!!! This gives a whole new lease of life to Selenium IDE. Along with running your tests using WebDriver and Selenium Grid, you should be able to fully debug your scripts as if they are running in the Selenium IDE itself. And now I am dreaming about adding recording support via WebDriver…

I am hopeful that I will have a beta version of Selenium IDE out soon for you all to play with and give us feedback. We are going to need all the help we can get. I will be at Selenium Conference 2012 in London, feel free to catch up with me. Drop me a tweet (@samitbadle) if you need to get my attention.

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9 Responses to WebDriver Playback is coming to Selenium IDE

  1. Tarun says:

    Though I don’t use Selenium IDE any more I yet consider it a significant step towards encouraging new users to WebDriver and moving away from Selenese based tests.

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  3. Diego says:

    This is great news! I have been working on extending Selenium IDE to run automation scripts with dynamic data and was planning on running them outside Selenium IDE through a java standalone app. Having the ability to run them from the Selenium IDE will greatly simplify our architecture.
    It should appeal to many current and new users, good luck and thanks for the great job you do on the product and on your blog.


  4. prashant says:

    this is a great news, and may be this will decrease our current time consuming task of just record and playback through selenium IDE, and will add new value for IDE . it will be like a revolutionary thing in open source automation.

    Great Thanks,

  5. Laura Schneider says:

    Do you have a timeline for this release? We are currently using the IDE then migrating the scripts. This would be really great to have.

    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Laura,

      I am hopeful that this week I should be able to merge and resolve conflicts and provide an experimental version.


  6. Kiel says:

    Do you have a projected release date? Or beta, alpha, or repository available?

    I am extremely anxious to use Selenium 2.0, but my testers want record/playback. Having this ability would be great!

    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Kiel,

      I am planning to release an experimental version as soon as I finish merging into the current version and resolve the conflicts.


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