Screenshot on Fail v1.11 for Selenium IDE Now Available

Since a lot of you have been asking for this feature, this version allows you to change the reports location. You can grab it right now from the addons page.

Click on the small arrow next to the Screenshot on Fail icon and then click Change report location menu item to change the report location. Currently the changed location will be used until Selenium IDE is closed. Future version will be able to save the changed location and use it even after Selenium IDE has been restarted.

As usual feel free to leave comments, improvements, advise, criticism, problems…

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8 Responses to Screenshot on Fail v1.11 for Selenium IDE Now Available

  1. Josh says:

    I cannot get this to work in FF25/IDE2.5 – I assume this is no longer supported?

    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for the report. I will look into it. It was working last time I checked. All my plugins should work.

  2. yipfan says:

    I need to use it on Selenium RC. May I know where I can download the js file?


    • Samit Badle says:


      It is not compatible with Selenium RC. The js file is bundled inside the plugin, which is a zip file with a xpi extension.


  3. Alex says:

    Hi…I don’t see an equivalent command for selenium RC? How is this available? I’m a newbie and it would be nice to have this option available.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  4. Jolana says:


    I was wondering if you could do a minor tweaking.. I hope it is minor one.
    Right now the screenshots save in numbered format. Would it be possible to make it so that the screenshots are somewhat named according to a test suite and test case that was running at that time?
    Because when the whole test suite is a bit long-ish it can be a hassle to find the right screenshot. (then again there should not be that many errors in the first place)

    Either way it is a wonderful plugin, especially with the Highlight elements one.

    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Jolana,

      I am glad you like my plugins. I had considered adding the test suite or test case name to the screenshot and rejected it. The reason is that while this is helpful for some people it does not solve the problem for others. People with a lot of commands in the test case would need something different. I came up with a solution that is useful to everyone, which is to include the screenhot in the test result genereated by my test results plugin. This feature has not been done yet, but is very high on my todo list.


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