Selenium IDE v1.9.0 Released and Includes Firefox 14 Support

I released Selenium IDE v1.9.0 today and it should be available for download from the usual download site soon. Until the changes are pushed to the seleniumhq website, you can download it from here. Other than the Firefox 14 support, it has the following enhancements:-

New Selenese command sendKeys

I have introduced a new Selenese command sendKeys. It is meant to be a substitute for the old typeKeys command. It is fully compatible with the corresponding WebDriver sendKeys command. Read more about it in my previous post.

Better names for officially supported formatters

The naming scheme for officially supported formatters was inconsistent. This caused a bit of confusion for users of Selenium IDE that were new to programming. Since it is expected that the users of Selenium IDE are new to programming, I changed the names to be consistent and provide all essential information. Now, they all contain the language, the test framework used and the Selenium flavour used.

All official WebDriver formatters support the new sendKeys command

The sendKeys command is now also supported by all officially supported WebDriver formatters.

C# WebDriver formatter now supports test suites

The CSharp WebDriver formatter now supports test suites. I have not tested this, so feel free to drop me a comment if it is not working as expected.

Those waiting for the WebDriver playback support, it will be available in the next Selenium IDE version. I had to solve the issue with the typeKeys command first.

If you want to read the original release notes, they are at the usual place.

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