Selenium Expert Plugin v0.22 for Selenium IDE Released

When I added a new Selenese command sendKeys in Selenium IDE v1.9.0, I mentioned that I will add the support to convert typeKeys command to sendKeys. This version of Selenium Expert has that feature. I have added a new Inspection to allow you to easily convert from typeKeys to sendKeys. As usual, remember to first backup your test suite and the test cases before you use the fix feature of Selenium Expert.

Selenium Expert now supports the following inspections:-

  • Detect and fix Boolean attribute usage
  • Detect and fix non-lowercase style attribute usage
  • Detect unsupported css locators
  • Detect and fix wrong order of arguments in store, storeEval and storeElementPresent
  • Change typeKeys to sendKeys

Get Selenium Expert directly from the addons page on AMO (or the version page on AMO before AMO approves it).

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2 Responses to Selenium Expert Plugin v0.22 for Selenium IDE Released

  1. Drew Cobb says:

    Mr. Badle,

    I downloaded and installed the Selenium Expert plugin. When I select Inspect and then Fix, the message is displayed “Fixed 0 command inspections for 0 categories.” Since I know my scripts aren’t perfect, what am I doing wrong if I want the expert plugin to fix or optimize my scripts? Thanks, I think this is potentially a great tool. For reference purposes, I am running Firefox v 34.0.5

    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Drew,

      Selenium Expert fixes specific problems that are common and can fix not all but most of them. Did the inspect reveal any issues? Selenium IDE scripts are often less than optimal and fixing that is not easily due to the simplicity of the scripting language. However, there are more inspections planned for the future.


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