Stored Variables Plugin v2.0 for Selenium IDE

I have finally released a new version of my Stored Variables plugin for Selenium IDE.

How time flies! It was several years ago that I planned to release full editing capabilities this plugin. All I can say is so many thing to do and so little time.

The changes in version 2.0 are as follows:-

  • Add new stored variables.
  • Editing stored variables value.
  • Menu item to toggle Search toolbar.
  • Filter out key variables as default variables.
  • Improved error handling by using Selenium IDE Health service.
  • Improved appearance of the stored variables.
  • Added confirmation before removing selected stored variables.
  • Fix issues with content remaining visible when stored vars pane was not selected on new versions of Firefox.
  • Removed support for Firefox below version 17.
  • Removed support for Selenium IDE below 2.7.0.

It is awaiting a review before it is made public. Since many of you were eagerly waiting for this release, you can grab it right now from the versions page on the Firefox addons page on Mozilla website.

I have also created a Stored Variables plugin section with information and user guide. Enjoy.

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