Test Results Plugin v2.0 for Selenium IDE

My Test Results plugin for Selenium IDE has undergone a bunch of useful changes and I have released a new version today.

The changes in version 2.0 are as follows:-

  • Improved formatting of the test results.
  • Show the failure / error as an extra column in the results if the command has failed.
  • Show all the comments from the test cases in the test case results as it is helpful to people reviewing the results.
  • Show the test suite file name.
  • Show a results summary for all test cases in the suite.
  • Show a results summary for all commands in the suite.
  • Separated the test case index and the summary into a different tables.
  • Added separators between test cases.
  • Color coded the test suite title based on whether the test suite passed or not
  • Removed support for Firefox below version 17.
  • Removed support for Selenium IDE below 2.7.0.

It is awaiting a review by Mozilla before it is made public. I know a bunch of people who have been waiting for this release, you can grab it right now from the versions page on the Firefox addons page on Mozilla website.

I have also created a Test Results plugin section with information and user guide. Enjoy.

And a Happy New Year to all my followers.

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One Response to Test Results Plugin v2.0 for Selenium IDE

  1. Drew Cobb says:

    That is great news! Thank You for your hard work and diligence in improving Selenium IDE.

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