Stored Variables (Selenium IDE) Plugin Issues

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4 Responses to Stored Variables (Selenium IDE) Plugin Issues

  1. Ross H says:

    Thanks for you good work regarding these extensions, i use them alot.
    I just installed the stored variables viewer 2.0 (from mozilla addons page) but its not working correct for me, when i click on the stored variables tab it is completely grey on the bottom panel, no buttons are shown.
    I’m using Selenium IDE 2.8 and FF 33.0.1 Windows 7. I tried resenting the Selenium IDE and resetting the IDE settings to default. I also tried disabling all FF addons except the IDE and Stored variable plugin and still got same behavior.

    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Ross,

      Thank you for the report. I usually test all my plugins on a Mac. I do not have any Windows hardware anymore. Before you suggest it, virtualisation products lead to some issues with network drivers for my specific tasks making them unsuitable. I will try to borrow a Windows 7 pc and try to reproduce the bug.


  2. Ross H says:

    Hi, i submitted a bug report regarding the Stored Variables viewer last week. Ive had a chance to look at my setup today and i carried out a full ‘reset’ of firefox using the built in troublshooting tool, after re-adding Selenium add-ons the variables viewer is now working as normal. Im not sure what the cause of my previous problem was, sorry.

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