Stored Variables (Selenium IDE) Plugin Updated

Thank you for installing the new version of my plugin.

This page is a confirmation that the Stored Variables plugin for Selenium IDE has been updated successfully.

The changes in version 2.0 are as follows:-

  • Add new stored variables.
  • Editing stored variables value.
  • Menu item to toggle Search toolbar.
  • Filter out key variables as default variables.
  • Improved error handling by using Selenium IDE Health service.
  • Improved appearance of the stored variables.
  • Added confirmation before removing selected stored variables.
  • Fix issues with content remaining visible when stored vars pane was not selected on new versions of Firefox.
  • Removed support for Firefox below version 17.
  • Removed support for Selenium IDE below 2.7.0.

The user guide has been updated with the changes.

When start Selenium IDE you should find a new Stored-Vars tab in the tools pane at the bottom part of Selenium IDE where the log and reference are located.

Here is how it looks on Windows:


Here is how it looks on Mac OSX:

StoredVars tab and menu

I hope you find it useful. I would suggest that you take a quick look at the user guide to get you started.




Why am I seeing this page?

This page helps to reduce the number of basic questions that new users ask, which gives me more time to improve the plugin, fix issues and even create new ones.


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