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Running Selenium RC With Firefox 4 Beta 6

Yeah!!! Managed to get a small test working on Firefox 4 beta 6 using Selenium RC v1.0.1 Here are the steps that I followed. Rename the selenium-server.jar to selenium-server.zip (as it is actually a zip file). Unpack the selenium-server.xip into … Continue reading

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The Selenium Files: Missing Log Message in Selenium IDE

Every now and then I noticed that the first log message did not show up in the log pane of the Selenium IDE. Thanks to my File Logging plugin for Selenium IDE, it was never a problem. The File Logging … Continue reading

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The Selenium Files: Misbehaving typeKeys!

I wrote this post a few months back and then went on a holiday without posting it. By the time I was back, I had completely forgotten about it. Perhaps, stumbling upon it today is a sign that I should … Continue reading

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