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WebDriver Playback is coming to Selenium IDE

I am really excited and I could not wait to share this news with you all! Back in November last year, when Dave Hunt and I became the new owners of the Selenium IDE, we got together and created a … Continue reading

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Improving the Quality of Your Tests Through Page Coverage

Programmers often write tests and have a lot of powerful frameworks and tools at their disposal. One technique, Code coverage, provides you with the actual lines of code that are executed when the tests are run.┬áThis information is usually condensed … Continue reading

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The Ruby Test/Unit WebDriver Exporter is Now Available

The Test/Unit based exporter for Ruby is now available in the v1.1.1-SNAPSHOT version of Selenium IDE. I know some of you have been waiting eagerly for it. You can now give it a spin from our CI server. Grab a … Continue reading

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Selenium IDE and Selenium 2 / WebDriver

The final version of Selenium 2.0 was released yesterday. Congratulations to everyone involved. Great job! It has been no secret that I was working on providing Selenium 2 support for the Selenium IDE. To sync with the Selenium 2 release, … Continue reading

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