Checking the Firefox Browser Console

The Firefox Browser Console shows a lot of information about the errors that Firefox detects. Select the Browser Console menu item from the Web Developer submenu in the Tools menu. The Firefox Browser Console should open in a new window.

Here is how the Firefox Browser Console looks on Mac OS X.

Firefox Browser Console

At the top of the window, below the title bar, you should see a toolbar. On this toolbar, you should see a list of buttons, each with a small down arrow. Each of these buttons can be clicked to turn them on and off. The difference between on and off is not easily obvious to me. If you observe the screen shot very carefully, the CSS button is disabled and Net, JS, Security and Logging buttons are enabled. Please click on the buttons to enable or disable each of them so that Net and CSS buttons are disabled and JS, Security and Logging are enabled. Next, click on the down arrows for each of the enabled buttons and make sure that all items in the menu shown are have a check mark. If it does not contain the check mark, click on that menu item to give it a check mark.

New look through the items shown in the window to see if any of them look like errors. You may want to disable Selenium IDE and all Selenium IDE plugins to get the feel of what is normal and what is not. You may be able to find if there is any error that Firefox has detected.

Items similar to the following are expected and can be ignored:-

  • Use of Mutation Events is deprecated. Use MutationObserver instead.
  • Selenium IDE [INFO] 2015-01-25 22:14:02.099 Editor: Ready
  • OpenGL compositor Initialized Succesfully.

Please let me know if you find anything unusual on the issues page for the plugin in a comment. I have started to ignore comments in random places on my blog. Please help me by leaving comments in the appropriate places.

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