Test Results (Selenium IDE) Plugin Errors

Thank you for installing my plugin.

I am sorry to say that the installation has failed. Here are a bunch of tips that may help you determine the reason.

Have you installed Selenium IDE?

This plugin requires Selenium IDE. If you have not installed Selenium IDE yet, look at instructions for installing it.

Have you got the latest version of Selenium IDE?

If you have Selenium IDE already installed, it may be outdated. Please check for a new version that may have solved your issue. Updating is as simple as getting the new version and installing it again. Check instructions for installing it.

Have you checked that Selenium IDE is not disabled?

An addon that has been installed but has been disabled is not very useful to plugins. Learn how you can check if Selenium IDE has been disabled and how to enable it.

Has the plugin been disabled by Selenium IDE?

A Selenium IDE plugin can bring down Selenium IDE. To protect against this, Selenium IDE tries to disable plugins under certain circumstances when they are causing errors. You can check if this is the case under the Plugins tab of the Options dialog in Selenium IDE.

Check if there are any errors in the Firefox Browser Console?

If something unexpected happened, there could be an indication of what went wrong in the Firefox Browser Console. Learn how to check the Firefox Browser Console. If you find any errors, please report them on the issues page.

If your problem still persists…

Please leave a comment on the issues page and I will take a look as soon as I can.


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